NATO Cyber defence center created

17/05/2008 Written by minor

map0417Year ago, Esto­nia was a tar­get of mas­sive DoS attack. Now defense sec­re­taries from Esto­nia, Latvia, Lithuana, Ger­many, Italy, Spain and Slo­va­kia signed agree­ment to cre­ate research cen­ter for defense against cyber attacks, Inter­na­tional Her­ald tri­bune informed.

Cen­ter will be based in Esto­nia and should be oper­a­tional already in August this year. Coun­tries involved in this ini­tia­tive will pro­vide staff and funding.

Many Euro­pean coun­tries were reluc­tant to accept that cyber wars exist, but as NATO spokesman James Appathu­rai said: “we have seen in Esto­nia that a cyber-​attack can swiftly become an issue of national security”

The cen­ter will con­duct research and train­ing on cyber war­fare, develop NATO stan­dards and capa­bil­i­ties for cyber defense, and pro­vide expert advice on a reg­u­lar basis as well as in emer­gen­cies. This NATO allies ini­tia­tive is also sup­ported by United States, which take observer sta­tus in this project.

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