D.O.M group members arrested

17/05/2008 Written by minor

domMem­bers of D.O.M — group, whose deface­ments are mir­rored in our deface­ment archive — were arrested by Span­ish police. Five mem­bers are sus­pected of “hack­ing into or out­right dis­abling thou­sands of Inter­net pages”, AP informed recently,.

The mem­bers of the group are at age 16 to 20. Inves­ti­ga­tion started as the group defaced web­site of a Span­ish polit­i­cal party Izquierda Unida shortly after gen­eral elec­tion in March. Dur­ing a recent round of inter­views, they painted them­selves as “IT enthu­si­asts, with an atti­tude to help administrators”.

The full list of D.O.M deface­ments con­tained in our archive can be viewed here.

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