Israel-Hamas war goes hi-tech

08/01/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

hackedAs Wired reported “Israeli Defense Forces took over Hamas’ Al-​Aqsa tele­vi­sion sta­tion over the week­end — the lat­est blow in a increasingly-​sophisticated infor­ma­tion war over Gaza. The chan­nel became infa­mous in 2007 for broad­cast­ing a children’s show fea­tur­ing “Far­four,” an anti-​semitic Mickey Mouse look-​a-​like.

But the Israeli mil­i­tary con­sid­ered al-​Aqsa to be a seri­ous enough pro­pa­ganda threat that the station’s main stu­dios were hit on the sec­ond day of the lat­est air cam­paign against Hamas.According to Israel’s Chan­nel 10, the IDF hacked into Al-​Aqsa Sun­day, and began broad­cast­ing an ani­mated clip of Hamas’ lead­er­ship being gunned down. “Time is run­ning out,” the clip warned, in Arabi. The day before, AFP reports, a “broad­cast on Al-​Aqsa tele­vi­sion was inter­rupted with an image of a ring­ing phone that no one was answer­ing.” ‘Hamas lead­ers are hid­ing and they are leav­ing you on the front line,’” a voice in “Hebrew-​accented Ara­bic” said. Sim­i­lar mes­sages were sent out on Al-​Aqsa radio, as well.”

But how is the Mus­lim world react­ing from the hi-​tech point of view? Guess what? Defac­ing and post­ing pro­pa­ganda messages.

The inter­est­ing thing from the socio-​political point of view is the sup­port given by the Turk­ish crack­ers almost uni­lat­er­ally to the Pales­tini­ans. Need­less to say, Turk­ish are not left alone by the other fel­low Mus­lims… here are just a few examples:

Virtual_​system http://​www​.zone​-​h​.org/​c​o​m​p​o​n​e​n​t​/​o​p​t​i​o​n​,​c​o​m​_​m​i​r​r​o​r​w​r​p​/​I​t​e​m​i​d​,​1​6​0​/​i​d​,​8​4​9​9009/


F1RT1N4 http://​www​.zone​-​h​.org/​c​o​m​p​o​n​e​n​t​/​o​p​t​i​o​n​,​c​o​m​_​m​i​r​r​o​r​w​r​p​/​I​t​e​m​i​d​,​1​6​0​/​i​d​,​8​4​9​8971/


Osman­l­iTIM http://​www​.zone​-​h​.org/​c​o​m​p​o​n​e​n​t​/​o​p​t​i​o​n​,​c​o​m​_​m​i​r​r​o​r​w​r​p​/​I​t​e​m​i​d​,​1​6​0​/​i​d​,​8​4​9​8970/

To cruel Israel You are try­ing to take lives of our Pales­tin­ian broth­ers and sis­ters with your tanks and jets. Then you should know that we will turn those cyber lands into a hell for you.. We will chase you to make you give the account of every bul­let. We will take revenge of every brother and sis­ter killed by you. When­ever you leave alone Pales­tine and Pales­tini­ans we will stop stalk­ing you. If not you will always feel our breath on your back.
You Israilies,
Wake up and open your eyes. The great Turk­ish Nation will be a sup­porter and advo­cate of Pales­tini­ans and give you pain of hell sooner or later.

We guess peo­ple at EU Com­mis­sion down in Brus­sels might be a bit busy right now…

Mean­while the whole thing smells of déjà vu. No big impli­ca­tions with the Matrix this time, it’s just that we wrote a sim­i­lar news back in year 2006 related to the war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Here is the video of the TV deface­ment going live:

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