Oh dear, spammers gave us a good laugh!

28/05/2009 Written by SyS64738

Today, for the sec­ond time we received a mail (call it spam) from a com­pany named Owen Media Part­ners. The mail is basi­cally say­ing that given the fact that they saw a link in our archives point­ing at a web­site sim­i­lar to their own, they request us to add also their URL in our archives.

I bet they didn’t under­stand what a deface­ment archive is. Given the fact that in two weeks I got their spam mail twice, we decided to make them happy, and to host a link to their web­site… by mak­ing this news. We are always keen to help proac­tive peo­ple pro­mot­ing their activities!

Hey, if you didn’t real­ize yet, we are a bit iron­i­cal here.

Here is the hilar­i­ous text of the email we just received (at least for us, given that zone-​h is a cyber­crime archive)…


Subject:Link Request to MacRAE’s Blue Book

From: cparent@​owen-​media.​com

Good after­noon,

My name is Chris Par­ent and I work at a com­pany called Owen Media Part­ners. We are a pub­lisher of a vari­ety of lead­ing busi­ness and indus­trial sites across North Amer­ica and Europe.

I have noticed that your organization’s web­site, http://​www​.zone​-​h​.org/​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​/​d​e​f​a​c​e​r​=​M​c​M4nus, is linked to http://​www​.sccc​.org/ which is a cham­ber of com­merce in the U.S. I am writ­ing to you to request that you please also link to our U.S. indus­trial busi­ness site called MacRAE’s Blue Book at http://​www​.macraes​blue​book​.com/.

Why link to http://​www​.macraes​blue​book​.com/?

· MacRAE’s Blue Book is America’s lead­ing indus­trial web­site (com­Score, March 2009) with over 33 mil­lion annual vis­i­tors.

· The site plays a key role in con­nect­ing buy­ers and sell­ers of indus­trial prod­ucts.

· The site fea­tures a rich, rel­e­vant and search­able data­base of indus­trial prod­ucts and the sup­pli­ers, dis­trib­u­tors and man­u­fac­tur­ers of these prod­ucts.

More infor­ma­tion about us can be viewed at www​.macraes​blue​book​.com/​p​a​g​e​s​/​a​b​o​u​t.cfm.


Here we go! We pub­lished a link to your web­site. Happy now?

Bloody spam­mers…

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