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03/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

We aknowl­edge E2-lab’s post (reported in bold beneath) on their web­site home­page, here is our answer:

Let me come to the point. I write to you with utmost grief as I read cou­ple of days back a post in a web­site (www​.zone​-​h​.org) defam­ing E2-​Labs.

Dear Mr. Qureshey, we don’t defame any­one. We just stated the facts. Don’t play sur­prised about Zone-H’s last posts, you have been warned dur­ing the last months sev­eral times. Such posts are the nat­ural result of your uneth­i­cal busi­ness practices.

Let me put forth some of the facts before you one by one.
1.You men­tioned and claimed in your post that we did not dis­trib­ute the cer­tifi­cates to the cor­po­rate train­ing par­tic­i­pants. This is absolutely false since you are as well aware that the three pro­grams such as hands on Hack­ing unlim­ited, Hands on Web appli­ca­tion secu­rity and hands on wire­les secu­rity cer­tifi­cates offered were ready but not signed hence could not be dis­trib­uted. Fur­ther, out of three sets one set was dis­trib­uted and two sets still await­ing your sig­na­ture, and I believe it’s uneth­i­cal prac­tice that Zone-​h did not sign inspite of you receiv­ing com­plete pay­ment. When asked about the sig­na­ture you assured me that you will be com­ing back to India very soon and hence will sign it then.

Let me answer to you with the utter­most tech­ni­cal terms in my knowl­edge: BULLSHIT

The things are in the way we say. In fact being your com­pany the orga­nizer of the course, if we didn’t really sign the cer­tifi­cates why didn’t you sign them by your­self? You had all the rights to do so. The truth is that you scammed your stu­dents, period.

con­tinue reading…

2) On your alle­ga­tion that we were record­ing your live ses­sions for our ref­er­ence and train­ing pur­poses with­out your involve­ment is funny and base­less. I am sure that you too were aware since the begin­ning that the cam­era record­ing was done by a gov­ern­ment offi­cial and the same was con­veyed to you and stopped the moment you felt uncom­fort­able. The record­ing was done only for 1 ½ hour on day one and not for six days.

The cam­era record­ing was done by you per­son­ally and I stopped you on the sec­ond half on the first day. There was no gov­ern­ment offi­cial as there are no gov­ern­ment offi­cials in your life at all. You keep brag­ging about your con­nec­tions, you exploit everybody’s image and names with­out their con­sent or knowl­edge. You placed bill­boards all over Hyder­abad with my face on them to adver­tise your com­pany with­out my con­sent and knowl­edge and despite I warned you the last sum­mer to stop using our image. I see no Zone-​H logos on those bill­boards, I see no Zone-​H sem­i­nar adver­tis­ing there. I can see only you abus­ing of my face to lure peo­ple into buy­ing from your com­pany 6 months train­ings for 12,000 dol­lars promis­ing them a “guar­an­teed job”. Promise which I doubt you ever deliv­ered. SHAME ON YOU!

You are not work­ing in Europe nei­ther in USA. You are work­ing in India, where peo­ple some­times strug­gle to get decent jobs and life. You abused of my image in order to get money from stu­dents whose fam­i­lies made a huge effort to pay them the tuition fees charged by your com­pany. My face and the face of other Zone-​H teach­ers appeared on your web­site, beneath the six months course track which we never agreed to deliver. You did it to lure the stu­dents in, many of them thought that they were attend­ing a gen­uine Zone-​H track. SHAME ON YOU!

This is the way you do the busi­ness. Despite what you state on your web­site (the pho­to­shop job on your home­page ban­ner is one of the lamest thing ever hap­pened on the web), and despite what you say to your stu­dents and to the per­sons you try to lure in into your busi­ness, you have no con­nec­tion at any gov­ern­ment level. If you had, your com­pany was involved into some seri­ous secu­rity projects with the Indian state and you had no time to play tricks with smoke and mir­rors.

3. All the stu­dents of E2 Labs who attented the cor­po­rate train­ing pro­gramme offered by Zone-​h and anony­mous e-​mailers to Zone-​h may please feel free to con­tact us, any fur­ther clar­i­fi­ca­tion as only one pro­gramme cer­tifi­cate were dis­trib­uted which were the only one signed by Roberto Preatoni and Ger­ardo. The rest of the two cer­tifi­cates are lying with us with out their signatures.

Cool, so you admit you didn’t give them the cer­tifi­cate! As those stu­dents paid you a hefty amount of money, sign them and hand them over. I don’t really remem­ber how many cer­tifi­cates we brought there as we brought a lot of mate­r­ial as you promised us one sem­i­nar per months. But I know I did sign all the 3 sets for the sem­i­nars and that you asked me to hand over just one set, you would have handed over the rest later on.

Regard­less, sign those con­tracts and give them to your stu­dents. They paid for them, i would have already taken you to the court if I was them.

Mr. Qureshey, I warned the offi­cials at my com­pany since the very begin­ning about the dan­gers of enter­ing into busi­ness with you. I had a first exam­ple of what you are when you arrived 2 hours late at our first meeting.

Me and Mr. Ger­ardo Di Gia­como had another taste of what kind of per­son you are when you and your assis­tant Suchi­tra were dri­ving us around in Hyderabad’s traf­fic jam, when sud­denly your assis­tant (who was dri­ving your black 4WD car) slammed into a car pass­ing nearby (her fault). Instead of stop­ping aknowl­edg­ing the crash and dam­ages to the vic­tim as any decent per­son whould have done, you forced your assis­tant to engage a get­away tak­ing Hyderabad’s dark alleys, hav­ing the vic­tim try­ing to fol­low you and me and Mr. Di Gia­como yelling at you, urg­ing you to stop to fix the issue with the vic­tim. Despite our requests, you kept escap­ing from the vic­tim up to the moment you finally man­aged to park your car in a dark cor­ner and have the victim’s car pass­ing by and get lost.

Kid­napped in Hyder­abad and involved in a car-​crash get­away, I couldn’t dream any better.

This is you Mr. Qureshey, this is the way you relate to the world and to the people.

I don’t like it and I don’t like you.


Roberto Preatoni

PS: Despite your state­ment about sev­er­ing ties with Zone-​H, there is still my face in the lower right cor­ner of your web­site. Please remove it, you really don’t want to mess with me. You might suc­ceed in threat­en­ing most of the peo­ple get­ting pissed off by you, but it doesn’t work with me. I am a too big shark for your teeth.

PPS: 60mb/​sec Ddos… lame

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