EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Zaki Qureshey boasting having helped Kuwait US Embassy to hack Iraqi networks

08/11/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

E2-​labs founder and man­ager, Mr. Zaki Qureshey con­fesses his dark hacker past in front of Ivory Coast gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tives and key multi­na­tional offi­cials, set­ting the new bar and the high­est stan­dard for “colorful marketing”

Dur­ing this meet­ing, the India’s renowned hacker and futur­ol­o­gist sets new stan­dards also in his­tory, geog­ra­phy and mathematics.

After each of the two videos, some of our com­ments and highligts

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 2:25 : “We started this com­pany in year 2002, I was a com­puter expert, I used to serve the Amer­i­can Embassy in Kuwait, you know Iraq? They are neight­bours, they fought a war in year 2001, and I was there in 2003, after the war and I served the Amer­i­can Embassy to get into telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion net­works of Iraqi tele­com and few other works, So this is how I got to security”.

Zone-​H : Here Mr. Zaki Qureshey is a bit con­fused about time-​lines. As he got into secu­rity in year 2003, a year after open­ing E2-​Labs in 2002. Quite of a time-​paradox. So either he was open­ing up the com­pany in 2002 and work­ing a full year with­out any knowl­edge up to when he went into secu­rity in 2003 or he is just mak­ing up sto­ries on the fly. You know where we stand for. Any­how we salute Mr. Zaki Qureshey’s brave­ness in con­fess­ing, to have helped the Evil Amer­i­can Empire in hack­ing their way through Mus­lim coun­tries and “few other works”. You are a brave man, we hope your life in not in dan­ger now that you came out with such confession.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 4:05 : “Believe me, the biggest secu­rity in the world is not FBI, is not CIA, is not Mossad, is not Defense or Mil­i­tary or any­thing else. The biggest secu­rity in the world is Cyber Secu­rity. You now why? Because every coun­try has a bor­der (…) Rus­sia has bor­der with China and India and so many other countries”

Zone-​H : Mr. Zaki Qureshey, we didn’t know that Rus­sia shared the bor­der with India. Is this kind of geog­ra­phy lessons tought in E2-​Labs’ classes? And you can’t really resist to fill your mouth with secret ser­vices, CIA,FBI, can you? Remem­ber, those who can, they always stay shut.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 4:57 “You can sit on this com­puter in Ivory Coast and con­nect to Amer­ica, just in seconds”

Zone-​H : Per­haps it is time to upgrade your dial-​up lines with ADSL?

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 5:30 : Mr. Zaki Qureshey start to ask about the job of the peo­ple in front of him and he real­izes they are not idiots. He then ask them if they are sure about the secu­rity level of their orga­ni­zazions by ask­ing “Did you check your web­site security”?

Zone-​H : Mr. Zaki Qureshey, secu­rity is not only deface­ments. Word from Zone-​H, it counts.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 7:40 : Mr. Zaki Qureshey is refer­ring to the bright­ness of his slides pro­jected on the wall: “Hack­ers they have dark pre­sen­ta­tions, I have a light presentation”

Zone-​H : Then you are not a hacker.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 8:05 : “Before, the world, there is some­thing called… the biggest enemy called ter­ror­ism. I don’t know, have you heard about ter­ror­ism in Ivory Coast?”

Zone-​H : No, they never knew what ter­ror­ism was in Ivory Coast before you came. Because this is what you were doing in that pre­sen­ta­tion: terrorism.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 00:30 : Mr. Zaki Qureshey attempts to explain the open­source in num­bers and talks about his pref­er­ences over Microsoft Oper­at­ing Sys­tem: “It’s one of the best oper­at­ing sys­tem in the world (Note: which one!?! You can’t refer to the whole open source world as one sin­gle oper­at­ing sys­tem, there are tons). More secure. Sev­enty per­cent secure, thirty per­cent unse­cure. If you see Win­dows, sev­enty per­cent, ninety per­cent vul­ner­a­ble, ten per­cent not”.

Zone-​H : Thank you Mr. Zaki Qureshey, now every­thing is more clear. The silence in the room after this phrase is embarass­ing. You math­e­mat­i­cal skills are match­ing the leg­endary skills of the best Indian math­e­mati­cians. Your sta­tis­tics over OS secu­rity are accu­rate and updated.

Mr. Zaki Qureshey @ 3:30 — 5:30 : Zaki, you can’t eat like that dur­ing that kind of meet­ings and in front of those peo­ple, it’s not polite , next time try not to do it.

Once again, we thank and salute Mr. Zaki Qureshey for his deci­sion to stand up and reveal to the world his dark past, his con­nec­tions with the evil Amer­i­can empire, his cyber­fight­ers expe­ri­ences through the telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion net­works of Iraq “and few other works”. The only award that was miss­ing on E2-​labs web­site is now yours, you worked hard for it. The “ǝʌıʇɐǝɹɔ and colorful marketing” 2009 award.


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