Call for hacker visual artwork

10/07/2013 Written by SyS64738

Know­ing me both as a musi­cian and a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the hack­ing world, I have been play­ing as a guest in a music track for an ital­ian electro-​pop group (Roulette Cinese).
The track name is Pho3nix and the lyrics talk about hack­ers and the hacker’s world.
The group leader now would like to make a video­clip for such track and the movie maker would like to receive images, draw­ings, pic­tures, movies any sort of visu­ally artis­tic thing done by hack­ers while lis­ten­ing to this audio track and think­ing about what the con­cept of hacking/​hacker visu­ally rep­re­sents to them.
To help Roulette Cinese to col­lect visual mate­r­ial for the video­clip I am now run­ning around ask­ing to hack­ers to lis­ten to this track
and if inter­ested to par­tic­i­pate, to send me a visual art­work for what hack­ing means to them.
It could be rep­re­sent­ing any sub­ject, in whichever style, it’s totally up to every sin­gle par­tic­i­pant as long as it related to hack­ing.
The pictures/​artworks can be signed with your name or nick­name.
Would you be up to help me and Roulette Cinese by:

– par­tic­i­pat­ing and send­ing me one visual art­work from your side
– help­ing me to dif­fuse this ask­ing also to other hack­ers friend of yours to participate?

You can send your visual art­work to admin@​zone-​h.​org, email sub­ject: Pho3nix

Thanks a lot for your help!

Roberto “SyS64738” Preatoni

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