Somebody has to do the Dirty work

17/03/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

cleaning_toiletOrig­i­nally posted on Sun­net Beskerming’ site, then Slash­dot­ted, then was reported also by The Register

The team at Zone-​H is cur­rently ques­tion­ing the merit of con­tin­u­ing to update and main­tain their well known deface­ment archive ser­vice given the neg­a­tive sen­ti­ment directed at them that many peo­ple express when they find out that they have been com­pro­mised and the dis­cour­ag­ing trend of site defac­ers using the archive as an infor­mal rank­ing board, with some striv­ing for the high­est num­ber of deface­ments recorded in the archive.

Hav­ing become the lead­ing archive of defaced sites fol­low­ing the demise of the All­das archive (the Zone-​H archive is now more than 200 times larger than All­das was at its peak), Zone-​H has become a valu­able resource for Infor­ma­tion Secu­rity, even more valu­able when the numer­ous other ser­vices that the com­pany offers are con­sid­ered. How­ever, the con­tin­u­a­tion of the archive isn’t the only prob­lem that Zone-​H has had to face in recent months, with the arrest of their founder, Roberto Preatoni in rela­tion to an Ital­ian spy­ing scan­dal.

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To mirror or not to mirror?

05/03/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

hamletSix years have passed since Zone​-​H​.org appeared first on the Inter­net. It’s a long time, espe­cially when talk­ing about Inter­net based enti­ties.
The rea­son why we decided to open up Zone-​H was that we under­stood at that time the impor­tance of hav­ing a mir­ror archive look­ing up for what was going on on the Inter­net and the other famous mir­ror archives were slowly dying (Safemode, Attri­tion, All­das).

At that time, the best mir­ror archive was All­das which had 12,500 mir­rors archived in its data­base. Today, Zone-​H has nearly 2,600,000 deface­ments archived in its own data­base.

Some­thing to be proud of? Yes and no.
What are we proud of, and what aren’t we proud of? The ques­tion is itchy…

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Statistics report 2005-2007

04/03/2008 Written by Marcelo Almeida (Vympel)

grade1Every year, Zone-​H pub­lishes stats of reg­is­tered attacks.
In the early months of Zone-​H, we received an aver­age of 2.500 noti­fi­ca­tions per month, last year this aver­age jumped to 37.915 monthly attacks. In order to have bet­ter idea of the attacks num­ber, dur­ing Jan­u­ary 2007, 62.092 attacks were val­i­dated, and in the month of June — when a DDoS cyber­war in Rus­sia par­a­lyzed thou­sands of web sites, Zone-​H included — we val­i­dated 17.797 deface­ments. The record occurred in the month of August 2006, with 130.645 reg­is­tered attacks.

In the past the most attacked oper­at­ing sys­tem was Win­dows, but many servers were migrated from Win­dows to Linux…

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Chinese shopping @ 3Com

04/03/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

shopper2Bain and Huawei’s $2,2bn first attempt to buy out 3Com has been amended with a sec­ond offer, under which the Chi­nese net­work­ing giant and the Invest­ment Fund plan to gain con­trol of the Amer­i­can net­work­ing giant, but hav­ing “lim­ited access” to 3com’s secu­rity prod­ucts. This amend­ment has been intro­duced after the Treasury’s Com­mit­tee on For­eign Invest­ments launched an inves­ti­ga­tion aimed to block the deal, fear­ing pos­si­ble impli­ca­tions in hav­ing a Chi­nese com­pany so much close to key secu­rity prod­ucts, cur­rently used by the Amer­i­can government’s IT infra­struc­tures. Fur­ther skep­ti­cism was raised by those who didn’t for­get that Huawei’s founder Mr. Ren Zhengfei was also a for­mer Chi­nese Peo­ple Lib­er­a­tion Army officer…

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New Zealand teenager's exploit prove hacking advances

04/03/2008 Written by From the world

kiddoLon­don, Eng­land, 3rd March 2008 – News that an 18-​year-​old New Zealand teenager allegedly at the cen­tre of an inter­na­tional cyber­crime net­work has been charged with var­i­ous hack­ing crimes on Fri­day is proof that advances in hack­ing tech­niques are mov­ing at an aston­ish­ing speed and that mil­lions of users don’t have ade­quate pro­tec­tion against the lat­est threats, says Tier-3’s Geoff Sweeney.

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