Data theft triple rise

11/12/2007 Written by minor

keysIt is well known to all of us — data theft or data loss is one of the night­mares. This year sto­ries brought embar­rass­ing inci­dent in UK, 25 mil­lion peo­ple, their per­sonal and bank details are at risk thanks two disks in mail. Given fact that UK has around 60 mil­lions of cit­i­zens, more than every 3rd is affected by this.
Num­ber is impres­sive, but it is not the only inci­dent that hap­pened this year. USA Today reported, that more than 162 mil­lions of records has been stolen this year. When com­par­ing to year 2006, when “only” more than 49.7 mil­lions were stolen, this indi­cates clearly the aim of the attack­ers — pri­vate and busi­ness data.

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Cyber attack on U.S. nuclear lab

10/12/2007 Written by minor

china1Few weeks ago we informed about rise of Chi­nese cyber­war­riors. Now, another attack against U.S. government’s nuclear weapons lab­o­ra­to­ries may have orig­i­nated in China, NY Times informed. Attack was reported last week in con­fi­den­tial mem­o­ran­dum dis­trib­uted to pub­lic and pri­vate secu­rity offi­cials issued bu U.S. Depart­ment of
Home­land Secu­rity.

Mem­o­ran­dum included list of web and Inter­net addresses linked to loca­tions in China. Oak Ridge National Lab­o­ra­tory in Ten­nessee dis­closed, that clas­si­fied infor­ma­tions were not com­pro­mised. Full extent of the intru­sion is still under inves­ti­ga­tion.

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Google owns us?

28/11/2007 Written by minor

earth1Google is real giant. We have now Google pow­ered search, email, office appli­ca­tions, blogs, satelite maps… We would like to not make any com­mer­cial to these ser­vices, every­body can make his deci­sion and use it at own risk.

Of course, every activ­ity you do on Google is logged — your searches, emails, even doc­u­ments you open using Google Docs are saved. And, don’t for­get — all this can be used one day against you. Maybe a bit para­noid view, but, con­sid­er­ing lat­est ini­tia­tive from Google house, we should really take care about our pri­vacy.

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Interview with Dan Egerstad

22/11/2007 Written by minor

egerstad Few days ago we informed about raid in house of Dan Egerstad. Now he agreed with brief inter­view, where we tried to get his point of view on the issue.

Could you please explain, how did you come to the idea of cre­at­ing exit TOR nodes and inter­cept­ing traf­fic?

I wanted to know how many peo­ple were encrypt­ing their mails and needed some fig­ures for a lec­ture I was hold­ing. Set­ting up a ToR node to ana­lyze mail-​traffic was an easy way to get some num­bers. Right before shut­ting this auto­mated process down I by acci­dent saw an email that caught my eye and led me to doing this in a big­ger way.

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Man behind hack of the year 2007 investigated

16/11/2007 Written by minor

lock1Dan Egerstad, man behind con­tro­ver­sial “hack of the year 2007″ was taken for ques­tion­ing by Swedish National Crime and Swedish Secu­rity Police few days ago, The Age informed. Also his house was raided and police took his com­put­ers and hard dri­ves. Any­way no charges have been set.

Egerstad pub­lished in August this year user­names and pass­words to email accounts from embassies and gov­ern­ments from dif­fer­ent coun­tries. As he explained, he cre­ated exit TOR nodes and inter­cepted traf­fic and on such way he obtained these infor­ma­tions. What is maybe worser, logins acquired on this way were accord­ing to him not used by legit users but actual mali­cious peo­ple that com­pro­mise these accounts and tried to hide in TOR net­work when using them. Many would say this is uneth­i­cal approach, but what is here more impor­tant: ethics or secu­rity (and in this case it applies maybe to world-​wide security)?

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