Apple's bitter bite

29/02/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

appleSecu­rity com­pany Sophos recently released a mal­ware 2007 report .
By read­ing the whitepa­per, we get some inter­est­ing con­fir­ma­tions about malware/cracker’s trends much long ago antic­i­pated also by Zone-​H.

For the first time ever a report is focus­ing on tra­di­tional secu­rity threats as well as on hot top­ics such state spon­sored espi­onage and cyber­war. Con­cepts that have been longly antic­i­pated by a few of long-​sighted observers, pos­si­bly hav­ing Zone-H’s mem­bers in the front line.

The Sophos whitepa­per is truly insight­ful, and by read­ing it we have the impres­sion that the bit­ter bite of the rot­ten secu­rity cake will soon end up in Apple’s mouth. The report in fact, devotes a large sec­tion to “Ultra-​mobile PCs, iPhones and Wi-​Fi devices”. In Sophos’ very graphic hor­ror movie on future threats, the role of main male and female actors are assigned to the Iphone and the Ipod Touch. We’d like to add that they will be prob­a­bly the best can­di­dates for the golden Oscar statue as in the movie on future cyber threats, Iphone and Ipod’s inter­pre­ta­tion couldn’t be more con­vinc­ing and rich of drama…

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Scotland Yard careers web site defaced

26/02/2008 Written by Staff

scotland_yardA cracker going by the han­dle of “offi­cer brobee” has defaced UK Met­ro­pol­i­tan Police’s (also known as Scot­land Yard) careers web site.

In the hacked page the defacer inserted a pic­ture of a green mon­ster fol­lowed by a text mak­ing fun of their anti-​terrorism unit, say­ing they hired incom­pe­tent peo­ple. Maybe the defacer decided to attack the site after the police refused to hire him?

Accord­ing to the mir­ror infor­ma­tions, the server host­ing the web site was run­ning Win­dows 2000 and the defacer exploited a SQL injec­tion vul­ner­a­bil­ity. Scot­land Yard — just like many orga­ni­za­tions, com­pa­nies, gov­ern­ments.. — invests mil­lions in secu­rity but for­gets that equip­ments are not enough if the web appli­ca­tion is vul­ner­a­ble to com­mon secu­rity issues…

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Zone-H forum is back

07/02/2008 Written by minor

seatsWe are proud to announce, that Zone-​H forum is back. With sev­eral sec­tions, forum is back to serve it’s pur­pose: shar­ing of knowl­edge among com­mu­nity. Before post­ing, please reg­is­ter to the forum and read also rules and legal disclaimer.

Happy posting!

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Saga continues: Mujahedeen secrets 2

29/01/2008 Written by minor

ms2Muja­hedeen Secrets 2 — newest ver­sion of encryp­tion tools was released by Global Islamic Media Front. As ZDNet Aus­tralia informed, “Asrar Al-​Mujahidin” or “Muja­hedeen Secrets” con­tains also encrypted chat and forum sup­ported instant mes­sag­ing.

Sec­ond ver­sion of the tool brings some new fea­tures. As in release notes the authors stated, this is the pro­gram for secure mul­ti­cast islamic net­work and con­tains all major encryp­tion tools in small size.

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New approach in radical propaganda

20/12/2007 Written by minor

maskIt is no secret, that rad­i­cals and ter­ror­ists are using dif­fer­ent approaches to get new mem­bers and sup­port­ers. One of them is also Web and rad­i­cal web­sites and forums. Such web­sites pro­vide con­tent, that is intended to spread the ideas among vis­i­tors.

Cre­ators of this con­tent are mostly anony­mous per­sons, but now the vis­i­tors have a pos­si­bil­ity to place ques­tions to real per­son, for some — their icon: Ayman al-​Zawahiri, Guardian informed. Media arm of al-​Qaida — Al-​Sahab said, that Zawahiri would answer the ques­tions as much as he is able.

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