Want drive with preinstalled virus?

14/11/2007 Written by minor

virusIf you plan to upgrade your com­puter or just buy­ing some spare parts, you should be care­ful. As Taipei Times informed, some Max­tor portable hard disks come with “virus pre­in­stalled”.

In Thai­land pro­duced dri­ves car­ried two files that help tro­jans get into the sys­tem: autorun.inf and ghost.inf. Tro­jans then upload data such as logins and other inter­est­ing infor­ma­tions to www​.nice8​.org and www​.we168​.org.

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How much can cyberterrorist get?

02/11/2007 Written by Jakub Maslowski

hackeroWe don’t want to talk about pos­si­ble pun­ish­ment and jail time/​fee some­one doing the “bad” things on inter­net can get, we want to show you how much cash so called ‘black­hat” can get.…

G DATA, a data-​company that makes soft­ware for secur­ing pc’s just realeased a press note wherethey try to answer the ques­tion asked at beggining.

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NSA surveillance immunity

23/10/2007 Written by minor

silentIt is well known, not only among com­mu­nity, that after 911 AT&T allowed sur­veil­lance for law enforce­ment agen­cies, espe­cially NSA. Many law­suits after that were filled claim­ing ille­gal coop­er­a­tion with National Secu­rity Agency.

Of course it is not only AT&T, that allowed such activ­i­ties, Already before 911 there were signs of coop­er­a­tion between NSA and big com­pa­nies. Just to remind you, in year 1999 and 2000 there was great debate about so called _​NSAKEY.

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Don't misuse emergency call services

19/10/2007 Written by minor

swatMis­us­ing emer­gency ser­vices can be some­times quite expen­sive. Some­times you can be jailed for it. Ran­dall Ellis, 19-​years old from Muk­il­teo, Wash­ing­ton is accused from hack­ing into the county’s 911 sys­tem from his home and plac­ing a false emer­gency call, prompt­ing a fully armed response to the home of an unsus­pect­ing peo­ple, OC Reg­is­ter informed.

This tech­nique, known as “SWAT­ting” was seen in U.S. by law enforce­ment agen­cies already before. Attacker breaches into emer­gency sys­tem call­ing for help, then as response SWAT team is called on site. In this case, Ellis pre­tended to be a teenager shot into shoul­der by some­one and cocaine over­dose case. SWAT with heli­copter and dogs respon­den to this false call in Lake For­est house.

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10 reasons websites get hacked

10/10/2007 Written by Jakub Maslowski

crashBelow you will find list of top 10 web vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties clas­si­fied by OWASP, here is also descrip­tion of the prob­lem and some examples.

I will just give you the list in case you missed it before, i will not com­ment on any of these as there is already hot dis­cus­sion about this mat­ter on sev­eral sites/​forums.

So here it starts:

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